Kopin reveals smallest VR headset with 2k*2k per eye resolution

June 13, 2017, 7:16 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Kopin VR headset

Kopin who is known for its display technology has developed the world’s smallest VR. They have partnered with the Chinese company GoerTek for this technology. This VR will have firms ‘Lightning’ OLED display panel which will have a 2k*2k resolution.

The demand for VR headset with higher resolution has increased substantially in recent times. Samsung has recently announced a headset with an OLED panel having an 858ppi. But, this headset goes one step further than that of Samsung’s VR headset.

This new headset is named ‘Elf VR’. It has Kopin’s ‘Lightning’ OLED microdisplay panel which has a stunning 2048*2048 resolution. This VR is capable of providing a 4K image resolution at the 120Hz refresh rate.

This new headset would reduce the screendoor effect (caused by the visible gap between display elements) substantially. It would also enhance the 360 and standard movie watching.

John Fan, CEO of Kopin said,” It high time for us to move beyond the conventional expectation of what VR is capable of. The design is created by Goertek. It has a 40% smaller size than the standard ones which means that people can wear it for the longer period of time. “

Elf VR can be used for high-end gaming and even complex applications. With the smaller display comes the problem of the limited field of vision. But, Koplin said that it has tackled this problem using the two-pronged approach.

They said that the headsets include two multi-lens optical design branches. The first one targets the media/ movie watching and offers a 70-degree field of vision. The second one will offer a 100-degree field of vision. The first one will have the sharper image than the second one.

Image Source: Road to VR