Meta to develop the next generation desktops

June 13, 2017, 9:03 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


Are fed up of having too many sticky notes at your desk? Do you find it troublesome to manage all the tabs in your browser? If these are the case then Meta's new desktop might solve all your problems.

Workspace is the new software designed by Meta which uses a series of shelves with icons as the desktop metaphor. If you want to open an application then you have to grab then from a shelf with your hand.

This software works with company’s Meta 2 headset which is available for $949 in the market.

You can do lots of things with workspace like using a bunch of virtual display at once, resizing any display by just squishing and stretching them with your hand or simply move them. You can also scroll web pages with a finger flick.

Workspace is not only limited to the desktop. It can also work with your smartphone using the app developed by Meta. This app lets you pull hand drawn notes off your phone and place them anywhere in the mid-air. You can do this with images, videos, which will make your working environment supercool.

You can doodle a simple sticky note on your smartphone and pull it into space right in front you. And when you are done with that you can easily shove it back to your smartphone. Just imagine how cool will it be that you can be surrounded by nature’s beautiful image by just sitting at your office desk.

Ryan Pamplin, Vice President of Meta said,” There are many companies that are using Meta 2 and Workspace in their office. This technology will also make the job more interesting which might result in the increase in productivity.”

There are certain limitations like the headset weighs too much. So, it’s difficult to wear it all the time. The company also said that they are working on improving this technology so that it can be used by a large number of people.

Image Source: Bussines wire