Samsung unleashes 39:9 gaming monitor that will change your gaming experience

June 15, 2017, 9:07 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Samsung 39:9 gaming monitor

Samsung has given a wonderful surprise to all the gaming user by releasing a 32:9 gaming monitor. There are many gamers that use multi-monitor setup for the more immersive gaming experience. But, why to waste money on two screens when you can get a big one.

The new gaming monitor is 49 inches with a ratio of 32:9!!! It’s like stacking two monitors side by side. The difference is that there will be no bezel between them. The monitor uses a Quantum Dot LCD panel with an HDR support. IT also has AMD FreeSync 2 and a USB hub support. Some of the specifications of the monitor are-

  1. 49-inch diagonal monitor
  2. Display of 3840*1080 resolution
  3. 178 degrees
  4. 1ms response rate
  5. Refresh rate of 144 Hz
  6. 1.07 billion colors support
  7. HDR support
  8. 95% DCI-P3 coverage and 125% SRB
  9. 600 nits brightness
  10. 1800R curvature
  11. 2 USB port
  12. AMD FreeSync 2 support

This monitor is not only for game lovers rather it is for all the user that want a good color accuracy. It gets incredibly bright while maintaining an impressive contrast ratio. According to Samsung, the custom software will Windows to treat the display as a dual monitor setup just without the bezel. It also includes some tools that can help you to organize your windows across the wide area.

If you don’t want a big one you can get the small version of the same model. Samsung has also released the same model in 27 and 32 inches size. Both the monitors have the same specs but are equipped with 2560*1440 panels.

The monitors are available for pre-order. The 49-inch monitor will cost you $1499 from Amazon. The 32-inch monitor will cost you $699 and 27-inch will cost you $599.