Intel, ESL, and Oculus launches VR eSport ‘Challenger League’ worth more than $200,000

June 16, 2017, 8:18 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

VR Challenger League

Intel along with ESL and Oculus has announced the launch of an eSport League that will be entirely dedicated to the VR gaming. It will feature Oculus Rift titles The Unspoken Lone Echo’s multiplayer counterpart Echo Arena. It’s a great news for all the gamers out there to participate in this unique league.

Intel said,” Most of the current games are played on the monitor using mouse and keyboard. We want to accelerate the progression of immersive eSport with this new league.”

This league will offer the total prize money of more than $200,000. The event will be comprised of two VR titles that of which the first will be Insomniac’s magic dueller “The Unspoken”. The game will focus on 1 on 1 magic dueling. The players will have to use the Oculus Touch motion controllers to play the game.

The second game will be the Echo Arena which is the multiplayer counterpart of Lone Echo. Echo Arena will have some impressive contextual animation and zero-G locomotion. This will be a highly competitive tactical game would really test the skills of the players.

The online competition will Kick-off from 12th July on ESL play. The players that qualify through this round will have the opportunity to play in the offline round. Apart from this, players can also play in the weekly ESL play cups where they will be awarded weekly points and prize money.

So, if you are interested in being the part of this unique gaming event you should register yourself at ESL play.

Image Source: ESL Gaming