Smartphones apps to help visually impaired person using deep learning

June 16, 2017, 8:30 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Aipoly app

Smartphones have become smarter each day. The addition of technology like the machine learning and augmented reality has increased the capabilities of these smartphones. Now, another feature can be added to the smartphone i.e. eyesight.

Aipoly is and smartphone app that uses the deep learning method to identify the objects in its surrounding. It can easily identify more than 40,000 objects in a common home such as cutlery, bathroom items, tools and much more. It recognizes the object and then display the text identification the screen and speaks the objects name loud enough so that it can be easily heard by the user.

The app offers paid upgrades that expand its vocabulary and the new words are constantly being added to this app. The entire working of this app is based on the image recognition. At present, this app can reach the accuracy of more than 75% which is a good number to start with.

Alberto Rizzoli, co-founder of Aipoly said,” The extensive image recognition is the key for this app and this is where NVIDIA GPU helps. The use of GPU makes the entire process much faster compared to the other.”

Cloudsight is another company that has developed an app called TapTapSee which helps the visually impaired person. This app is the free and open source. Users just have to take the photo with their smartphone using the double tap. Then, the software recognizes the object in the image and says aloud the name of the object.

These developments have indicated that capabilities of a smartphone can be increased a lot and we should not be surprised to see more functionalities being added to the smartphone in near future.

Image Source: Metro US