DisplayLink to display XR WIGig Wireless VR System capable of Dual 4K @ 120Hz

June 17, 2017, 9:10 a.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


DisplayLink is going to make its entry to the wireless VR system. They have presented their new WiGig 60GJz wireless VR technology at the E3 convention.

According to the Oculus founder, the current generation VR headset will not see the successor until 2018. This has forced the other technology leader to push the VR hardware technology forward. The next thing in the line to is the wireless VR$ add-ons that let the user cut the cord on their high-end VR headset.

DisplayLink XR utilizes the WiGIg technology (Wireless Gigabit Alliance). According to the Display Link, this device is capable of delivering dual 4K video signals at 120Hz. If compared to HTC Viva which sports dual 1080*1200 resolution OLED panel at 90Hz, DisplayLink XR has made a significant improvement.

WiGig is a wireless multi-Gigabit networking standard. It dynamically increases over the air bandwidth over standard WiFi over the short distance. This technology is used for high bandwidth data uses like the broadcast of uncompressed video and audio streams. WiGig achieves a transfer rate of 7 gigabits per second per channel.

DisplayLink XR is powered by company’s latest DL-8000 chipset. The system requires the user to strap a receiver to the top of their VR headset. It has a transmitter and an encoder. DigitalLink has not disclosed the weight and the size of its head-mounted box. The expected price is estimated to be around $249. The date of actual release has yet not been disclosed by the company.

Image Source: RoadtoVr