Snap is working on the second version of spectacles equipped with augmented reality

June 17, 2017, 9:31 a.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Snap AR glas

Snap is currently working on the second version of the video recording glasses. It is rumored that the company will use augmented reality technology in this version. The first version went on sale last year and made a good impression on the users.

Snap’s first version spectacles allowed the user to take photos and videos. They can post these photos and videos to the Snapchat service. The main idea behind this was to give the users a new way to create and share different contents.

Snap has yet not revealed the specification or any news about the development of the second version. But it is rumored they are working on it and only handful employees know about this. It is expected that Snap will release the Spectacle 2 with the inbuilt augmented reality feature.

The major clue about this came from the patent application for the AR glasses filed by Snap. Snap filed the patent in November 2015 and has the detail about how Snap plans to use the dual glass arrangement to determine the user’s location. It will then display the digital content in front of them. This type of technology is already supported by Snap’s app. Snap also launched an update with the segmented reality feature which allows the user to place the digital object around them. The users can walk around the 3D object which exists in their space when viewed through the snap chat app for the limited time.

The patent filing also reveals another product an augmented reality helmet and an augmented reality visor. Snap has also brought the small firm Ctrl Me which deals with the drone technology. Snap has also been working on the 360-degree camera.

Snap’s first version spectacle went on the place with the price tag of $ 129.99. It is estimated that the second version will be much costlier than the first one.

Image Source: Bussiness Insider