Moatboat – Use your voice to transform ideas into life through Virtual Reality

June 20, 2017, 7:57 p.m. By: Vishakha Jha


Moatboat is an experimental tool for Daydream VR, absolutely free to download in which by using simple voice commands you can create your own environment and even little economies. Moatboat is developed by a San Francisco-based company focused on using technology to augment human creativity and thought. They aim to make each other laugh, solve tough problems, draw attention to situations, unravel the distant past, consider possible futures, and build better lives.

It is basically a tool that allows you to generate content within virtual reality. It enables you to create living worlds from scratch or explore existing worlds for inspiration. The user can make interactive stories and creations in VR without requiring any technical knowledge. It allows the virtual world to emerge just at your single command.

Hold the Daydream controller like a microphone and say simple commands like ‘I need some penguins' to add a penguin to your world and further command them for whichever task you like by saying ‘penguins dance'.

In Moatboat, whatever you say happens. You actually use your voice to bring out your ideas to life through virtual reality. You can simply use your virtual hands to add objects to a scene, define the environment, actions for the objects and then experience the world come to life. You can create your own stories, think through a problem, or communicate an idea. You can also try some existing worlds that have plants and animals, buying and selling, and effects that spread over time. In each world, you can discover how to create and control over 200 objects.

You can also save recordings of your creations as animated.GIFs, and share them. Although the graphics are very simple and commands are limited, but there are more possibilities than you might expect. It hints towards an interesting potential for VR experiences in the future.

Image Source: squarespace