VRDC survey reveals that Vive is still the most popular headset for Developers

June 23, 2017, 7:18 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

HTC Vive

VRDC (Virtual Reality Developers Conference) published its first report based on the survey conducted on a group of developers. The result suggested that most of the developers prefer working on HTC Vive that Oculus Rift. The number of developers that are preferring Vive has increased in last one year by a quite big margin.

The survey was conducted by more than 600 developers working on VR, AR, and MR. According to this year’s survey, 56% of the developers said that they prefer working on Vive. Apart from this only 19% developers preferred working on Sony’s PlayStation VR. There has been a big improvement in the number of Vive users from the last year. There has been the slightest increase in the Google Daydream and Microsoft HoloLens users, while there has been decreasing in Gear VR users.

More than 52% users preferred Vive for the release of the next developer’s app. This is slightly more than the Rift.

Not only this, Vive is also the preferred choice for releasing exclusive products. More than 35% of the developers preferred releasing apps exclusively for HTC Vive and only 13% did for the Rift.


The survey also revealed many other facts like only 5% of the developer’s project were funded by an external publisher. When asked about the time that it will take to become profitable, 16% believed that it can happen in short period of time.

These stats clearly suggest that developers are preferring HTC Vive more over the other platforms. This means that Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR has a lot of catching up do to if they want to compete with Vive. The survey also revealed that people are shifting to AR, VR and MR technology.

Image Source: Road to VR