Microsoft Pix Camera to use the AI-powered filters

June 23, 2017, 7:29 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Microsoft Pix

Microsoft Pix camera will use the artificial intelligence to make your pictures of people better. The device uses an algorithm to analyze the 10 frames it snaps for every picture. It looks for the exposure, sharpness, and facial expression to make sure that you get the best shot. The app was launched last summer and will offer new filters with an update.

There are many people who are questioning the Microsoft for providing services similar to the Prisma. Prisma also uses artificial intelligence to enhance the photos. But, according to Microsoft, their AI algorithm was developed by Microsoft’s Asia Research Lab in collaboration with Skype. They have also said that their algorithm is completely different from what Prisma and other similar apps uses.

Pix camera uses tones, pattern, and textures that it learns by the deep neural network from famous works of art instead of altering the photo uniformly (like other apps). The system uses two different techniques in tandem to save the time. Microsoft researcher told that their AI uses the styles based on the source image (the one that is used to train the neural network).

At present, there are 11 filters which are Petals, Glass, Heart, Fire, Bacau, Charcoal, Zing, Honolulu, Glitter, Ripples, Pop. The comapny6 also said that more filters will be constantly added to give more options to the user. There is also a unique feature. The Pix Paintings creates a timeline of your photos as if they were painted in real time and gives you a short video of its creation. You can also save or share the video. This will add to the fun of using the app.

This app will work right on your iPhone or iPad. It does not access the cloud which in turn save your data and decrease the time you have to wait for the final image. The app is available from the App Store and is available for a free update to the existing users.

Image Source: Engadget