YouTube releases VR 180 that can solve many traditional VR problems

June 24, 2017, 4:50 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

YouTube VR 180

YouTube has released new VR180 format that cuts VR video in half so that only the front half of the video is visible. This is done to save the people from serious neck exercise that they have to do while viewing many VR videos. Yes, 360 videos can be fun and in some case, that can really surprise you. But, most of the time one has to go through serious neck workout especially if longer use.

It basically considers the fact that one is more likely to turn his or her neck than entire body when watching VR. While one is within that 180-degree space, one will not lose any of the immersion because the picture will cover his or her entire field of view.

VR 180 will also make the creator's job easier in making high-quality VR experiences. Some of the advantages of VR180 are :

  1. The limited field of view will give better picture quality due to more PPI.

  2. It should also take less bandwidth compared to the previous one.

  3. The device will also require less processing power which will improve the device performance.

  4. It will allow the manufacturer to pack high-quality sensor without actually worrying about the size of the camera.

  5. Parallax and the stretching problem will not be that noticeable.

  6. Google is focusing more on 3D for VR 180 cameras which will also improve the user experience.

  7. VR180 cameras will be cheaper for the same quality.

Google also said that one will be able to edit VR180 videos with the apps like Adobe Premiere. The company is also working with the manufacturers to create all new camera for VR 180. So, far LG and Lenovo have agreed on developing the camera for the same.

Yes, VR180 might not give the best experience in the gaming sector but it should be useful in most of the sectors. This will also eliminate the need for high priced VR headsets. Now, only time will tell that whether VR180 will be able to surpass 360’s popularity.

Image Source: VRheads