Facebook’s artificial intelligence creates its own language

June 25, 2017, 8:51 a.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Facebook AI

Facebook Artificial Intelligence Lab researchers have claimed to create a new language accidentally. They said that in approach to make the chatbots better they have made this unexpected discovery. The bots which are known as “dialog agent” were found to be creating their own language.

The researchers used the machine learning algorithms to train these bots and they these bots were left to converse freely. They were attempting to strengthen the bot’s communication skills. Initially, all the things went according to plan but later the bots started deviating from the scripted norms. In the same approach, they started communicating in entirely new language, without any human input or training. The main point here is that if the artificial intelligence were to be given the freedom to have the conversation, they might discover their own language.

The researchers are claiming that the new language has made the chatbots better in communication and that too without any human input. They have also said that these bots have good negotiations skills. These bots were trained to negotiate initially. But later these bots rely on machine learning to improve the outcomes of the negotiations. The researcher has also said that these bots became quite good in these skills and began feigning interest in one item in order to sacrifice it in the later stage in the negotiations as a faux compromise.

This innovation can be a huge leap in the artificial intelligence sector. This discovery clearly shows that if trained these bots could become like humans in communications and can even develop their own language. We might be moving forward in creating a complete robot that is exactly similar to human.

Image Source: Fossbytes