Cropio adds augmented reality feature to its application

June 25, 2017, 5:32 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


Cropio which is a well know farm management system company have decided to add augmented reality feature to its iOS application. This latest addition will allow people to request and receive more complex and detailed information about the condition of any of the fields. They will just have to point their iOS-based smartphone camera directly into one of their fields.

All the necessary data about the field will be then displayed on the screen. The augmented reality feature of the app works by combining three important factors- spatial characteristics of a mobile device, user’s geographical location data, the coordinates of field and field’s relief.

According to Cropin’s, this app will allow the users to get the visual picture of all the given fields within the 6 miles radius from the user’s location. The app will display all the static data like the name, processed area, variety, crops, sowing and harvesting dates and many more. The app will also give detailed information about the health of the crop. This allows the people to ensure the proper growth of their crops.

Cropio is an app developed by NST (New Science Technology Limited) which is an agriculture directed company with research and development processing centers in the US and Eastern Europe. It released Cropio in 2013. Cropio is a vegetation and field management control system that allows its users to plan and carry out the agricultural process efficiently.

Image Source: Crunchbase