YOOX and Lumyer join hand to provide Augmented reality apparel shopping

June 26, 2017, 9:08 a.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


YOOX, one of the leading store for fashion, art, and design, has joined hands with Luymer. Luymer is known for producing augmented reality camera app that allows users to add AR effect to their photos and videos. YOOX is the first retailer to develop an exclusive set of filters. This will enable Luymer’s users on iOS and Android to virtually try, share and shop any designer accessories from YOOX.

The users can try sunglasses, handbags, jewelry from YOOX which will create a live Fashion shoot. The images then can be shared on the various social media platforms. The users can also buy the accessories from YOOX via augmented reality app with a single swipe. This partnership will make shopping more fun for the users which in turn will attract more customers.

Alessandra Rossi, President of YOOX said,” The use of mobile has increased a lot in the recent times. We believe that this partnership will give the customer more engaging and playful retail experience on mobile.”

YOOX is one of the world’s leading online lifestyle store for fashion design and art which was established in 2000. It offers all the accessories like clothing from prestigious designers, home design objects from well-known artists.

Lyumer started (in 2015) as an app developing company adding various effects to the image. The app is available for both iOS and Android platform with more than 16 million downloads. This app was also named as the Google Play’s Top Trending APP of 2016.

The add new exciting shopping feature will be available on Luymer’s app from June 22 (on the 17th birthday of YOOX).

Image Source: CPP-LUXURY