Wikitude SDK 6, another step towards Mixed Reality

June 26, 2017, 9:33 a.m. By: Vishakha Jha

Wikitude SDK 6

Wikitude is a mobile augmented reality technology which initially concentrated on providing location-based AR experience via its browser app. Recently the new version of Wikitude SDK i.e. SDK 6 includes amazing features including instant tracking and .wtc file format, that takes a different approach while searching for indexes which result in improving the recognition rate.

Another feature which makes it even more desirable is that it enfolds the power Of genetic algorithm to optimise computer vision algorithm. SDK 6 allows image tracking in many scenarios and different condition including single spot light source, strong shadows further occluding images, busy environment​. It makes the 2D engine more robust.

Along with image recognition, SDK 6 includes instant tracking which can track users surrounding. The concept​is based on SLAM approach to localise device which brings them one step closer to mixed reality. It allows developers to create and place 3D object and is said to be true markless tracking. It uses sensors on the device to map the area and to perceive the movement of the device combining GPS and Wi-Fi location.

It also includes Full HD rendering of the camera image and let the user enjoy a smoother​ rendering experience. Developers​ have also worked on a way to work with multitouch gestures and have provided with the ability to position 2D drawable along Z-axis. The compatible device includes iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, including some other digital eyewear though it is not compatible with the Unity Editor, which slows down the development process significantly. But it claims to be a great move towards advancement.

Source: Wikitude