MergeVR to release VR and AR headsets for schools and educators

June 28, 2017, 8:20 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


MergeVR is known for its MergeCube product which allows users to physically interact with augmented reality holograms and it’s soft and comfortable MergeVR headsets. The company plans on releasing similar headsets for schools and educators.

The class set of VR goggles will be available at discounted educational price. These goggles will be certified refurbished headsets that would have gone through the testing process to ensure the quality of the headsets. The company aims to provide VR headsets at the reduced price which will help the students to learn in a direct and immersive way. These headsets will not only make learning fun but will also help the students understand the core concept in a much better manner.

Andrew Trickett, co-founder of Merge said,” We believe that AR and VR are the best options for the school’s students as they are easy to wipe clean, durable, and can be dropped without worry. The adjustable lens and the flexible construction allows them to fit any face size. These goggles also have both left and right buttons which are easily accessible.”

He also said that many school teachers have already reached out to give bulk orders. He mentions that the company is very happy to help students experience the power of learning through virtual reality and augmented reality.

Merge is also offering the free demonstration of Merge goggles and MergeCube at ISTE which is an educational technology conference. This will give the opportunity to teachers, principals and other people from education sector to try out the technology.

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Image Source: VentureBeat