Sony to make its AI Open source

June 28, 2017, 8:35 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Sony AI

All the big companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook are working on AI technology but no one knows about the AI technology of Sony. Sony has developed few products based on AI such as Xperia Agent (similar to that of Amazon’s Echo) which uses the deep learning products like Aibo robot dog. But, now Sony has decided to open source it’s AI technology so that developers from all across the world can incorporate them in their products and services.

There are many companies who have already open sourced theirs AI like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft. According to Sony, the AI will help the developers build smarts into their products. Sony is also hoping that the developers will build new libraries and also improve the existing one which will improve the Sony’s AI technology.

Sony’s product like Xperia Ear which uses Xperia Agent (similar to that of Apple’s Siri) is not up to the mark when compared to its competitors like Echo or Google Assistant. Sony’s assistant does not have natural speaking voice commands like in their rival products. But, there are few features that make Sony’s AI stand apart from the rest. Sony offers augmented reality AI, the lifelong activity tracker application with action recognition technology and real estate price estimation engine. These are specialized AI that may prove to be more useful that the simple machine vision or voice recognition that other companies offer.

Yes, Sony might be way behind its competitors and have a lot of catching up to do but one should never write off Sony. Sony recently purchased an AI firm called Cogitai to which shows that company is motivated to work on the deep learning technologies. Sony also has enormous robotics experience. It also has more types of consumer product that any other company. So, get ready to see some of the astonishing achievement from Sony in the field of Artificial Intelligence. We might come across VR gaming or cameras using AI technology from Sony soon.

Image Source: Engadget