Android O will bring many improvements to VR content

June 29, 2017, 7:37 a.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Android O

Google is known to add many new and exciting feature with every version of Android. While there are many speculations about the name of the upcoming version of Android, one thing that Google has assured that this new version will improve the quality of VR content on the smartphone. This is a great news for all the VR lovers as they can enjoy the VR content better than ever.

Google started VR with its Google Cardboard but now has developed a lot. The VR as the sector has also emerged in the recent time with all the big companies facing on providing better VR experience to the users. For Google Daydream, the software is very important (same as the hardware). You can use Daydream with any smartphone. All you need to have is the display with HD resolution that can process two separate streams at 60fps with latency under 25 ms.

Google wants the users to get the best Daydream experience and that too using better software. Its experience depends on a lot on how Android can use graphics API from Vulkan or Open GL. The new version, Android O, will be better at drawing all the data on the screen and turning it into VR experience. It will be more efficient as it will take better advantage of the 3D graphics APIs.

The other changes like the handling of the background process and better power management will also have the major impact. VR can be heavy for any smartphone that can lead to inefficient performance. Google is also planning on launching stand-alone Daydream devices from HTC and LG in late 2017. This is one of the prime reason that Google is working so hard on optimizing the Android softwares.

Just think of Daydream 2.0 along with Android 8.0!!! It can really surprise you.

Image Source: Android Central