RedRotor to release ViveNChill to resolve sweaty VR faces

July 1, 2017, 7:44 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


RedRotor is a company that is known for specialization in drone components manufacturing has decided to solve the problem of sweaty VR face syndrome. The company has released a prototype which is called ViveNChill can solve this problem. RedRotor also plans on starting the production of these headsets for general use also soon.

ViveNChill is a new cooling system that is comprised of two angled fans that will reduce the sweaty headset issue. The company’s aim was to come with the quiet, cheap and light weighted headset mounted system that can be operated easily. Another point that the company kept in mind is that the device should provide effective cooling and deals with heat build-up inside the HTC Vive even under the heavy use.

RedRotor has used the conventional way of extracting the air from the headset itself. They have rather opted to use dual tilting fans which are mounted on the top of the interface angling downward towards the user's forehead. The fans are powered from the top mounted USB port (present in the area underneath the breakaway top section). It also includes the easily accessible on/off switch which is mounted on the top head strap. The fans produce the sound of less than 23db so that users do not get disturbed by the sound of the fan.

Tony Tran, one of the designer said,” The company tested with a variety of fans types and they found the present one best for the regular use. The biggest problem that the users had was the dry eyes. We also found out that dissipating the heat generated across the forehead provided a substantial benefit that forcing the air into the headset.”

This can be really a good product and solve the sweat issue for those regularly use headsets like while playing games. The company plans to release the product for $25-$32.

ViveNchill Promotion Video:

Video & Image Source: RedRotor