Google unveils Advr for advertising in VR

July 2, 2017, 9:02 a.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Area 120

Google has decided to take the wrap off its internal incubator Area 120 by launching a dedicated website with the Advr program. According to Google Advr is one of the most interesting projects till date as it deals with advertising in VR. Advr involves a cube like an ad format which allows video ads to run in a 3D or VR environment.

The project Area 120 was launched in March 2016 as a way to retain the top-notch talent at t5he company. It was aimed at giving the teams an ability to test new ideas that could eventually become Google product or could be integrated into the existing product. The ultimate aim of the project was to allow the employees to work on their passion project on the side using 20 percent of their time. It was one of the great strategies from Google to encourage employees to come up with the new idea and work on it.

The new project Advr is an experiment focused on figuring out how they could work in VR. The team has developed a plug-in app for Unity that shows ads in VR environment. VR users can engage with the cube with either tapping at it or gaze at it for few seconds. After this, a video player pops out which display the ads. Now, the user can decide to watch the ad or close it the player. The goal is to enable this functionality on the variety of VR platforms including Google’s Daydream, Samsung VR or even Google Cardboard.

Google might have developed an initial model to display the ads in VR but it’s not alone in the competition. Adobe also has been working on VR ads for quite some time now. Advr has already begun testing with some VR game developers. Now we will have to wait to see is the VR reality changes the entire ad experience for the user.