Meitu releases the makeup app with virtual cosmetic counter

July 2, 2017, 9:18 a.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


One of the biggest problem that customer has to face is to decide which cosmetic product should he or she buy. This problem is more for the women. But, now Meitu has decided to solve this problem with the help of augmented reality. They have upgraded their app MakeupPlus which allows the users to try out new cosmetics product before actually buying it.

The MakeupPlus app allows the users to use AR to test how the new makeup looks to see that whether the product suits him or her or not. The app maps the user's features which make it possible to instantly test different makeup styles and colors. The company has named this new feature called COUNTER. This feature will be globally accessible through the MakeupPlus app and will have many products from well-known cosmetics brands such as GLAMGLOW, Stila, Charlotte and much more.

The app’s AI feature allows the users to try out different types of lipstick in real-time with the different texture. The best thing about the app is that once the user has decided the product that suits him or her better then he or she can click on that product to buy it instantly.

The uses the AI and facial recognition technology to predict the use of the cosmetic product on the users face. According to director of Meitu’s operation, the app will also be helpful for the brands as they will be able to gain more valuable insight into the regional color preferences from the users around the world. This will allow the brand to produce the different product based on the user’s likeliness.

The use of AR and VR technology has clearly changed the customer’s shopping experience and we can expect more products to roll out soon.