SoftKinetic to announce DepthSense time of flight technology at Mobile World Congress

July 3, 2017, 7:25 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


SoftKinetic, a subsidiary owned by Sony Corporation, is a leader in 3D vision and gesture recognition technologies. The company has developed many advanced technologies like DepthSense 3D CMOS Time of Flight sensors and cameras which provide cutting edge 3D vision for the variety of industries like gaming, AR/ VR, PC, mobile and automobile industry.

The company will introduce the latest prototype at Mobile World Congress Shanghai which is scheduled to kick off on 28th June. The popularity of head mounted display has forced the mobile manufacturing companies to put more attention in integrating AR technology in their devices. The only this that has been missing in the present technology is the lack of proper interaction support in the AR technology. The ability to use one’s hand to interact with the augmented world has been the missing link. There are few companies that are working on this missing link.

SoftKinetic's DepthSense time of Flight technology is comprised of Augmented reality and face recognition for mobile devices. The latest generation of DepthSense has narrowed this gap enabling the natural hand interaction in AR which makes the user experience more interactive and natural.

The company has made another breakthrough by using biometric recognition to enhance the mobile security. With the collaboration of KeyLemon (company specializes in face recognition software’s) and Visio Ingenii, SoftKinetic has developed the front facing 3D face recognition that can authenticate users. This process is as simple as taking a selfie.

There are other developments from the company like the Tine of Flight enhanced computational photography, augmented selfie, gesture control for AR. These technologies will be unveiled at MWC Shanghai. The latest VR and AR hardware innovation will also be unveiled on June 30 at the VR and AR Summit organized by GSMA. Also, the company will be demonstrating the use of DepthSense technology in the autonomous vehicles at the Connected Vehicle Summit.