API.AI unleashing new ways to interact with your Product

July 3, 2017, 8:16 p.m. By: Vishakha Jha


API.AI is California, US-based natural language based industry formerly called Speaktoit and later was acquired by Google. It provides tools to developers building apps for the Google Assistant virtual assistant.

API.AI is a tool that helps developers to obtain structured data from chat or voice through natural language processing (NLP). The company is known for creating the Assistant, which is basically a virtual buddy for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone smartphones that perform different tasks and answers users question in a natural language. It also allows Internet of Things developers to include natural language voice interfaces in their products. It provides a conversational user experience platform enabling brand-unique, natural language interactions for devices, applications and services. It also works on creating a map between language and data structures to allow programmers to create a natural user interface that is well-defined.

Developers can use API.AI services for speech recognition, natural language processing, and conversation management to quickly and easily differentiate their business, enhance customer satisfaction and improve business processes.

API.AI is built on concepts of Agents that correspond to applications, Entities represent concepts that are often specific to a domain, Actions, Contexts and Intents that represents a mapping between what a user says and what action should be taken by your software.

AI makes it easy to integrate NLP into your chat bot that learns from every interaction. It can bring your app to any platform your users are on, such as the Google Assistant, Slack, Cortana, Alexa and Facebook Messenger. It enables users to access across the device and engage with them through wearables, phones, cars, speakers and other smart devices along with this it supports over 14+ languages to connect with you and broadening its reach.

Building Rich Cross-Platform Conversational UX with API.AI (Google I/O '17)

Video Source: Google Developers