Oculus adds mixed reality capture support to Rift

July 5, 2017, 4:05 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Oculus MR

One of the problems that all the VR headsets company is trying to deal is allowing the user to capture what someone is experiencing when they are head first in some VR game. Oculus did mention a couple of months back that it is working of bring the mixed reality capture support and it looks like the company has finally succeeded in doing that.

Oculus has recently released a guide to all the developers about how to capture the mixed reality with few tools that include a VR headset, an external camera, and one green screen. The developers can create mixed reality content with their smartphone’s camera which can be attached to a virtual object. Then you can easily capture the scene from various points and could make the action even more immersive for the non-VR users.

Oculus has also provided a 3D printable CAD model so that the developers can attach the webcams or small DSLR camera to an extra Oculus Touch Controller which can be mounted on the tripod or simply held by someone in their hand.

But one of the limitations of this process is that you cannot create the mixed reality with just any VR ready computer. There are certain minimum requirements for the mixed reality capture. Oculus has also suggested several components to cope up with the additional bandwidth requirement of mixed reality capture which includes Falcon Northwest Tiki computer. Falcon Northwest Tiki computer will cost you $2,899, which sounds too much. Also, the company has said that the mixed reality capture works best with 16 GB RAM with an SSD and GTX 1080 (however the company has not released the minimum specification).

Oculus has allowed the developers or users to pair any camera but the obviously better camera would result in higher quality mixed reality capture scene. Oculus has also solved the problem of the user of setting up the environment, by releasing the user guide. The company has advised the users to try to follow the guide as much as possible. So, if you want to get experience something new then you must try the mixed reality capture.

Image Source: TechRistic