Mighty AI providing the human insights through artificial intelligence engines

July 7, 2017, 6:08 p.m. By: Vishakha Jha

Mighty AI

Mighty AI, Inc. is a gig economy start-up that engages the public to support and train companies through artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. It pays subject matter experts to fine-tune AI engines enabling them for basic features in the similar way to humans. It operates as a Training Data as a Service (TDaaS) platform and provides the human insights AI engines. Its platform assists businesses to acquire the datasets which are required to train and scale their computer vision and natural language models. The original name of the company was Spare5 Inc. founded in 2014 and recently migrated to Mighty AI. Its headquarter is in Seattle, Washington and serves customers worldwide. The company operates a community with a network of individuals who conduct micro tasks such as identifying and labelling objects in images or doing sentiment analysis of the text.

They aim to accelerate model development. It trains data through computer vision algorithms to name and detect objects, describe attributes, and associate relationships and interactions and through NL algorithms they train to recognise sentiment, return answers to questions, and associate relationships between named entities. Initially, they map out the workflow and take annotation, set project goals along with gold standards. Mighty AI builds the tasks and configures the workflows, they also enable customer portals to monitor the task.

They train data for autonomous driving as well and have a complete suite of annotation tools that help in detection and localisation as for polygons, cuboids and categorization for destination path, weather, traffic, pedestrians and much more. It also works on classifications of object salience and visibility, Directional commands and Key point annotations for pedestrian joints.

It has raised $14 million led by Intel Capital, with the contribution from new investors Google Ventures (GV) and Accenture Ventures. Persisting investors Foundry Group, Madrona Venture Group, and New Enterprise Associates also contributed to the round. Mighty AI is set to utilise the funding to open out its team of data scientists, engineers, and product, sales, and marketing professionals. In the upcoming years, there is going to be a demand for large amounts of high-quality, human-sourced training data. This data must be produced easily and efficiently and that is actually what Mighty AI works on by providing future insight.

Mighty AI: Training Data for Autonomous Driving

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