E.com to launch an app as “First digital life network in the world”

July 9, 2017, 8:58 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


The popularity of VR and AR is increasing at the great rate. Today all the companies, developers, advertisers want to use this technology to enhance the user experience of their app. In the same approach, companies are trying to combine the social withy VR, AR, and MR. Microsoft is also working on the same technology with their Hololens. The company already demonstrated like virtual conference calls.

In the same approach, E.com (an Austrian start-up company) has launched their app called Connect. The app will connect the users digitally, to your social network life through a customizable virtual space for living. The app will bring all the services like email, video chat, social media channel like Facebook and Twitter under one space that can be experienced in 3D as in immersive environment using Head mounted display. So, you can now find the laptop, sound system and a virtual newspaper, books in your apartment.

E.com is looking for the funding to complete the app and also launch it. The best thing about this app is that it will not cost you the single penny. According to the company, this app will bring all the users to a whole new experience. The company also said that receiving and sending via the app, connect, does not require the other person to be a connected user. So, you can send or receive regardless of the other user has the app or not.

Michal Schoeggi, CEO of E.com said,” This app will bring all the feature like SMS, email, chats from Facebook under one roof. This will help the user save a lot of time as they will no longer have to keep switching their app for different services.”

The biggest concern for the company is the security of user’s data. The company has assured that data will be completely secure with an end-to-end encryption for all the services. According to the company, even they cannot decode the messages. They believe that users privacy is of prime importance, especially in AR and VR.

Video & Image Source: connect ecom