Amazon to use augmented reality to help shoppers

July 16, 2017, 10:24 a.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Amazon AR

One of the biggest limitation of online shopping is that the customer or buyer has no idea how that thing will actually look in his or her house. This is one of the limitations which stops people from buying big things like sofa sets or any furniture. But, now Amazon has decided to solve this issue using augmented reality. There is no official word on this but Amazon has filed many patents related to this which suggests that company is working on augmented reality technology.

The patent describes the augmented reality technology that can be controlled with gestures which will enhance the user experience. The patent also describes that the system will use set of cameras, computer and projectors to display an interactive scene any physical surface.

The projected content can include many objects like books, videos, interactive menus or any visual content. There will be various sensors and cameras which will be used to capture images representing the scene and person’s hand within the scene.

Amazon also managed to bag a couple of key patents earlier this year related to use of augmented reality in shopping. The company has also explored interactive furniture stores that will show the buyers how the sofa or any furniture would look in their home so that they can make the better decision regarding their purchase. Amazon has been working on its furniture department a lot and trying to boost its sale.

Augmented reality can really change the entire shopping experience and it will boost the online shopping industry. Let’s see how soon Amazon can implement this technology in real life.