Lenovo unveils AR headset named DaystAR

July 21, 2017, 7:42 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


Lenovo has unveiled the new standalone AR headset which will be known as DaystAR at company’s annual Tech World Conference. DaystAR is an augmented reality optical display with a unique independent vision processing unit. The headset has a free formed surface area lenses with a field of view as 40 degrees.

This is the second major announcement by Lenovo in the field of augmented reality. The company already announced a smartphone based AR headset a few days back. The company partnered with one of the world biggest animated movies maker, Disney, for the headset. They will team up together to deliver a Star Wars themed HoloChess and the lightsaber focused experience.

But, Lenovo is yet to announce the price of this headset. The company has said that the headset will be available in four color variants. It will also have a display with a turn wheel strap adjustment, a sleek profile with a large number of sensors. There is also a top mounted wheel which is used to change the interpupillary distance (distance between two eyes).

Lenovo will also begin an AR development platform so that the developers can create applications for DaystAR across the variety of industries. Lenovo also wants to include Remote assistance, Cloud Object Recognition, Multiplayer Interaction, 3D content Manager and much more feature at its AR platform. This will help the developers to scan, upload and edit the 3D content on the platform itself.

This recent entrance of Lenovo in AR industry is a clear signal that all the big manufacturers are focusing on AR technology and seeing it as the one that can change the future technology.

Image Source: Phone Arena