Norah AI: great tool for AI based animation

July 21, 2017, 8:26 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Norah AI

Previously, the 3D animation was a costly and a time-consuming process as it involved many steps. The developers had to put a lot of effort and time to make the proper animations. They also had to manually set the movements variables. But, there are many tools that have been built recently that can simplify this process.

The recent developments in machine learning have the job of the developers much easy. In this method, the animation tools are pre-trained with the deep learning. There are software’s like Mixamo, that allows the users to upload their 3D models and then place some mark on them. Then, they can get the 3D mesh rig with calculated weight in just one click.

Norah AI is an animation tool that was recently released by Absentia. This tool has the potential to move the animation and gaming industry into the new era. This tool enables quick creation of all games elements like 3D models, game geometry, story weaving and much more. The initial version of this tool features Auto Rig tool, human motion simulation, and blending which covers a wide variety of user cases in 3D animation and game design.

Norah AI uses deep learning and generative models which enable it to create complex animations. These animations are more realistic, flexible. Norah AI was trained on more than half a million of animation frame which makes this tool more accurate. This tool can also deal with the animations like dancing and combat animations. The users can also experiment with Norah AI and can create endless repositories of classy animations suitable for any purpose.

Another great feature is the Norah AutoRig tool. Today, even most of the sophisticated tools require the user input to produce skin weights and rig. But, Norah AutoRig creates usable Rigs in a small amount of time and that too without any human input. It also has Motion editor which allows users to make an infinite number of changes like adding smooth transitions along the time and much more. Users can also fine tune this process with its frame by frame editing option which is quite different from the old methods.

Norah AI certainly demonstrates the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning in the way we used to approach animations and game designs. Norah AI can really automate the most tedious part of the designer’s job.