Amazon Echo now gets pizza at your doorstep!

July 26, 2017, 7:52 a.m. By: Prakarsh Saxena

Amazon Echo

We all have heard about Amazon Echo and its digital assistant Alexa. It’s Amazon’s foray into the IoT market; something which has a tremendous potential to grow in the near future. Until now the device was commonly used to listen to music on apps like Spotify, ask weather and recipes, read audio books, and control smart devices using platforms like Wink, Insteon etc. But the Dominos Pizza Group plc (DPG) has come up with a brand new utility of the gadget to up the ante and improve its detrimental sale figures.

Alexa, A Domino’s Pizza Please

Domino’s Pizza Group plc(DPG), the UK-based franchise of Domino’s Pizza was recently worried about its slow growth in sales in the country. It reported its first-half sales of £546.5M, a 10.5% increase on last year, albeit a slowdown on the 17% growth seen last year in 2016 at the same time. Also, its like-for-like sales although grew 2.4% but that too showed a major decline from the last year’s figure of 13%. The firm reasoned this with a slowdown in the overall delivery market and a softer consumer environment.

These declining figures have motivated them to think out of the box to attract more customers to boost the sales. Customers will soon be able to order a Domino’s pizza via the Amazon’s voice-controlled Echo directly. It’s expected of the software to be updated to provide the menu upon request and place an order after selection. The company said it’s also planning to introduce GPS tracking for its pizzas if the trial proves to be successful. This idea, if proves itself to be feasible, will definitely trigger a chain reaction by all the major outlets to provide their services on other platforms as well like Google Home.

Chief Executive of DPG, David Wild is positive about the consumers’ response and calls the performance of the first half of 2017 as a period of good progress despite the unstable and uncertain economic environment for the United Kingdom due to Brexit last year in June.

“DPG continues to lead the pizza market with innovations such as the popular Lotta-Chocca pizza and the launch today of Amazon Echo voice ordering. Following a successful trial, we’ll be rolling out GPS, which will enable customers to track their delivery and help franchisees with labour management”, he says. The company also plans to invest around £4M in improving customer value and a new advertising campaign.

We’ll have to wait and see how this idea turns out to be.

Image Source: CNN