Visbits Transforming the Visual Information through VVOS and VABS

July 30, 2017, 9:39 a.m. By: Vishakha Jha


Visbit, Inc. is Silicon Valley establishment working as a visual technology company. It provides 360-degree video and VR content creation to implement and distribute highest quality streaming and visual involvement to users across multiple VR platforms. Visbit is basically focussing on its two main technologies- Visbit View-Optimized Streaming (VVOS) and Visbit Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (VABS).

Visbit View-Optimized Streaming (VVOS)

Visbit's VVOS technology enables high-quality streaming of 4K 360-degree high-resolution video to mobile devices over Wi-Fi and LTE. Rather than streaming complete360º visual play at great resolution, it focuses on streaming only what the user is viewing which results in the reduction of latency. It can play 4K to 12K resolution VR. VVOS imitates with its technologically unique foveated streaming. It also works towards minimizing network traffic. It sends data to users device which helps it to prepare in advance for head movement. So it can detect the course or direction of video in which you are focusing while allowing the same section to produce the highest output resolution available. The full potential of this technology can be experienced by zooming. The VR headsets along with VVOS allow users to zoom into the range from 6K to 12K resolution. It also provides a feature of the user field of view, rather than streaming the entire video user can choose to stream 12K on 1080p bandwidth. A recent advancement in VVOS technology, integrated with fast transcoding, frames it to be the first foveated streaming service capable of VR live streaming.

Visbit's Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (VABR)

VABR enables dynamically adaptation of a user's bandwidth according to the quality of streaming. It features smooth playback. VR videos are encoded into a number of bitrates and then divided into small segments resulting into lowering bitrate and minimize start-up time and buffering. It also has the ability to regulate into higher or lower bitrates according to the segment to optimize the user's bandwidth.

Visbit recent work includes Web VR Player which is a cross-browser 360 VR web player. It provides easy accessing, integration of the user onto the site with a small code, and allows video sharing with hyperlinks. It also allows high-resolution videos to be played without VVOS. It aims to provide privacy to ensure the accessing of videos only when required. Basically, the company aims to transform the visual technologies and develop the products which can change the perception of capturing and consuming visual information.

Introducing Visbit - The First All-in-One VR Streaming Service

Video Source: Visbit Official Channel