Robots that could fly in tight formation

May 21, 2017, 9:53 a.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have created a team of robots that could fly in while making a tight formation. These robots follow two basic principles: do not collide with each other and undercut each other. They could also recognize hand gestures and could detect faces.

Let’s see important features regarding these robots.

  1. They will be presented at 2017 IEEE International conference on Robotics and Automation, that will be held from 29th May to 3rd June.

  2. They could fly in tight formation according to the user’s command. These robots use artificial intelligence to detect the presence of other robots in their way and adjust its path according to that.

  3. These robots include a cylindrical virtual non touch area to avoid other robots messing up with the airflow of each other.

According to the researchers,” There are a large number of robots behind developed and used. This creates a need for the robots that could fly close to each other without colliding.”

These robots also have an autonomous blimp that allows users to control these robots via hand gestures.

The associate professor leading the project, Fumin Zhang has also filed a request with Guinness World Record for the smallest autonomous blimp.

Image Source: Robust Robotics Group