Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus now supports Daydream VR

Aug. 2, 2017, 1:19 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung has its own range of VR headset which is Gear VR. Yes, Gear VR works great with the latest device from the company S8 and S8 plus. The Gear VR comes with the new controller to boot. But, sometimes it’s good to have more than one choices. The company has decided to add the support of Google Daydream View VR considering the popularity the headset.

In the recent statement released by Google which confirmed that the Daydream ready update is rolling out to the latest device by Samsung which is the S8 and S8 plus. Daydream might not have much apps and games when compared to Gear VR but it made a strong debut. Daydream VR has many features which can attract many customers. It comes with the much smaller motion controller. When compared to Gear VR which lacked this feature when it was released. Samsung launched new Gear VR and controller for Galaxy S6, S7, S8 soon after the launch of Daydream VR.

Daydream VR will offer the same benefit as offered by Gear VR. Galaxy S8 and S8 plus both have one of the best AMOLED display screens and has the highest resolution of 1960*1440. The high-resolution display makes it perfect for watching the high-quality video which is also supported by the fast processor for top notch games. It also has expandable storage of 256 GB which can use to keep lots of VR videos.

Google Daydream VR is currently on sale $60 rather than $80 (for the limited period of time). The Daydream VR app is also available on Google Play and will work with Samsung S8 and S8 plus without any OTA update. If you have any trouble then you should clear Google VR service data from your device and then re-open the Daydream VR app. So, get your hands of Google Daydream and take the advantage of reduced price.