Mozilla launches Voice Fill- a new product under their Test Pilot Browser Experiment

Aug. 2, 2017, 9:21 p.m. By: Prakarsh Saxena

Voice Fill

Mozilla has recently launched Voice Fill, a new approach towards voice- recognition based web- searching which supports various search engines on Mozilla Firefox. It’s a new step by Mozilla in revamping their market image and to boost their market share in the desktop browser category.

Voice Fill- An attempt at making AI reach every desktop

Mozilla, in recent times have worked on the efficiency and response of its popular browser, the Mozilla Firefox. It now feels cleaner, faster and leaner than ever before. The time is just right to launch Voice Fill, in an attempt to test the new concept of using Artificial Intelligence to recognize voice and fill the search engine bar on its own.

Voice recognition generally requires a smoother platform to work on with efficacy. Mozilla now attempts at including speech recognition in the search bar to allow users to speak their search query instead of typing them out. It’s currently decided to be launched on DuckDuckGo, Yahoo and Google search engines for now. Voice Fill will show up as a mic icon besides the search bar, clicking which, will ask for a permission to allow the browser to be able to use the microphone of the system. The system records the query from the microphone and uses its AI to form meaningful query out of the recording. Most generally, and what is expected, Voice Fill uses Hidden Markov Models with a mix of Artificial Neural Network behind the curtains to be able to understand the user and also display some other suggestions of what the user might mean apart from the best guess the model makes. It’s still not confirmed yet whether the processing and recognition is done on the server side or on the browser side, although the latter seems more probable.

Voice Fill also gets better with more use. The system AI will be continuously learning from the past queries, their pronunciation, and the grammar to be able to modify itself in accordance with how the user behaves with the product. This way, the queries predicted will get better and better with every use. The product is expected to be launched for support of other search engines as well in near future if it gets the required response from its users.

To try this, you have to install the Test Pilot add-on.

Voice Fill: A Firefox Test Pilot Browser Experiment:

Video Source: Firefox Test Pilot