ThirdEye Inc. unveils Augmented Reality Smart glass

Aug. 3, 2017, 7:48 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

ThirdEye Inc

ThirdEye Gen Inc. has released a fully integrated Augmented Reality solution. This will include the X1 Smart glass and AR software applications. The company aims for enterprise verticals like Industrial, Education, Manufacturing, Law, Maintenance/Inspection. The best thing about this product is that ThirdEye has extensive R&D team and many patent experiences with Augmented Reality Hardware and Software for the US defense.

The new smart glass will push the boundaries of Augmented Reality hardware. It will be packed with latest sensors, chips and powerful design which will allow the users to experience 1280*720p binocular display (equivalent to a 90-inch screen at 10 feet). The sleek form factor will allow users to wear the smart glass easily while doing other tasks.

The company has not only focused on the Smart glass but also on the AR software’s which will focus on providing live audio, video, between remote users. The smart glass app is a hand free (means that user can control via their head motion which is based on ThirdEye’s software). It will also allow the on-site users to collaborate with remotely located experts. The 3-screen interface allows the remote users to have a clear field of vision while rotating between AR screen via their head motions. The company has also added a feature by which the users can archive the entire session for later reference. This app can be used by the repairman which will reduce the cost of repair as there will be no need to hire an expert for the small job.

It can also be implemented in Universities where the student can see a remote professor’s live point of view with annotation. The company is also working on developing education AR content which will include 3D AR rendering of course curriculum and interactive campus tours.

ThirdEye will showcase their technology at CES 2018 where they will display their hardware and software technologies.

Video Source: ThirdEye Gen