Valve top send the ‘Knuckles controller Dev kit’ to help Revive developers

Aug. 6, 2017, 3:23 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Knuckles controller Dev kit

Valve wants to support the ‘LibreVR’ Blok who are the developers behind the Revive. It is nothing but a hack which allows the Vive users to play games from Oculus store. The company has patched SteamVR more than once to make sure that Revive’s community continued compatibility. The company has now decided to send Blok the Knuckles controller Dev Kit.

Valve knuckle controller received wide appreciation by the developers all across the world. The company is sending the dev kits of the controllers only to the selected developers only. There is no open way at this moment for the normal developers to get their hands on one of these dev kits. The company also sent the dev kits to Blok, which is an independent developer of Revive.

Presently, the games on the Oculus store only officially support Rift headset. But in 2016, an update to their platform’s DRM policy which broke the hack. Oculus has yet not taken any serious action to stop this hack and is tolerating this one since 2016. Oculus co-founder recently pledged ($2,000 per month) to support Revive’s development.

Valve distributes VR games through Steam has found an ally in Revive as it open doors for Vive User’s to play the games from the Oculus store. This will allow the Vive users to get their hands-on number of exclusive Rift games. Valve is trying to make sure that Revive works correctly.

On the other hand, Block’s developer told that the controller will be very helpful for making more natural Oculus Touch mapping. This should make the Blok’s job easy to integrate proper support for the controllers into Revive once they are available to large customers.

Image Source: Twitter