Brandmark: a logo service powered by Artificial Intelligence

Aug. 9, 2017, 2 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


Everyone knows that artificial intelligence is the next big thing in the technological world. Already, we are seeing a large number of softwares based on the concept of artificial intelligence being developed each day. Developer Jack Qiao has come up with a brilliant idea that can help the new companies sorting out one of the major problems that they face, the logo design. Earlier, all the new companies needed to hire the professional designers for their logo design but this thing could be long gone now.

The new software which is known as Brandmark works by identifying the icon, font pair, color scheme based on the keyword that you enter to define your brand. As an end user, you just have to give the keyword describing your brand or company. Brandmark will automatically derive all the needed information for the logo design on the basis of given input. This can really help the startups as they really have to think a lot for designing their logo. As we know that logo is one of the key components of any brand. It not only identifies the brand but also inform the people about the company or brand is all about.

The users can download the $55 vector assets and use instantly. This can help the people who want to get started but quickly. But, if you want to make a big brand, then probably you should stick to the old ways of hiring some designer. The convolutional neural network will not replace designers in next 5 years but it can open door to many new tools that can democratize the design process and make it more accessible to everyone.