Escher Reality- a promise of being the most advanced AR API

Aug. 9, 2017, 7:45 p.m. By: Prakarsh Saxena

Escher Reality

Augmented Reality is the future we see for a life-like experience and gaming through our mobile devices. The evolution of games from the 8- bit graphics to something we can play by looking through the lens of our smartphones has been phenomenal. The exuberant response of the famous Augmented Reality game- Pokémon GO is a testimony to the fact that the audience is more than just ready to accept the technological concept, where thousands flocked around nearby landmarks and bus stations to chase virtual Pokémons on their phones. Not just that, the recent announcement of ARKit, along with the new iOS 11 by Apple Inc. shows that the world is ready for innovative implementations of the AR concept. Escher Reality is one such firm moving in the same direction.

A cross- platform mobile AR API in the making

Having already worked with big names like Legendary, Happy Giant and Fisherman Labs, Escher Reality is confident of developing one of the best digital AR experiences in the real world. Founded by world leaders in computer vision and machine learning from MIT and Carnegie Mellon University, the founders are blending their cutting edge research with their industry expertise to define the forefront of interactive AR experiences.

Escher Reality is an API in its beta version right now. What makes them the headlines in the tech era will be the path- breaking things they promise at the moment-

  • The API is said to be available to multiple users simultaneously, bringing in shared and collaborative API experiences in real time.

  • It is persistent, which will allow storing digital objects in the real world and have them persist across time and app sessions too. The technology would remember the precise location of every AR object in an environment which makes its experience vivid and extend it beyond just one use.

  • The AR sessions could be run across both Android and iOS devices, with a support to enable full end- to- end system which integrates with current AR developer frameworks

  • The technology uses the innovative advances in the field of 3-D Mapping and Computer vision for a markerless AR Experience, which would be quite new in the field.

  • It also supports connecting the mobile device to the cloud for sharing the experience.

There isn’t any other AR platform which would provide the same or better features than those which are currently delivered by Escher Reality. This would push developers into creating something which would include much better graphics, along with a seamless experience especially in the field of mobile gaming. The technology delivered by the firm which includes sharing the experience with another user would be a dramatic push towards the developers making mutli- user AR games. Explaining in simple words about how awesome this would be, it’d be the same as playing Pokémon GO, but instead of just finding rare pokémons or battling it out in the specific gyms, you can fight your pokémons with your friend in real time, and this idea would make more sense in the real world, as well as would be apt for the concept as well.

Escher Reality doesn’t think itself as the one competing with Apple’s ARKit or any future product by Amazon or Google in AR. It’s projecting itself more of a backend support for the augmented reality technology. Citing examples of what the current leaders in tech do not deliver in the AR that they do, and also promising a bridge between the iOS and Android devices for the shared experience, the company is optimistic about itself to have a bright future and leading the AR industry in some time after its final release.

Here is an interesting demo released by Escher Reality of a multiplayer game Volley.

Video Source: Escher Reality