Neon: an augmented reality messaging application

Aug. 19, 2017, 9:28 a.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the two things are currently trending the technical world. All the major companies like Google, Facebook, Apple is working on these AR and VR technology. AR technology has been on rising since the release of ARKit from Apple. But, it all started with Pokémon Go which shook the world and gave an entirely new experience to users. Since then there are many companies that are working on AR technology.

Neon is one the app which allows users to message friends through AR platform. Users can find their friend using geolocation and also connect with them by placing neon signs at specific locations. Users can also take video of a place in the real world and then type in a few words, which turn into a neon sign in the app. This can be a great way to experience something in the virtual world which the user wants. This process is a bit similar to the Snapchat. The only difference is that words transform into bright neon signs in this augmented reality world.

The users can then choose specific friends for the app to notify. They can share the content with their friends. According to the company, Neon is the first Augmented Reality messaging platform available in the market.

Currently, Neon is available in beta version only. If you want to experience something new, then you can try this app.

The demo use: