TensorFlow is the new Synonym of Machine Learning

May 21, 2017, 4:06 p.m. By: Hasan Ali Gumani


The search giant – Google has been surprising the world since its inception with software, application, gadgets, etc. in the niches of AI and VR.

At Google’s I/O 2017, Sunder Pichai and various other executives talked about Machine Learning. It is quite interesting to know that the heart of behind every machine learning at Google is the TensorFlow – the robust machine learning software. For building tools that are based on AI, Tenorflow is that difference between a desktop OS and command line difference.

What started an in-house tool for Google’s engineers to design, train and operate AI algorithms went on to become an open-source software for the AI community.

TensorFlow offers the developers an accessible framework for their algorithm, thus, enabling them to develop tools for a large number of industries ranging from aerospace to manufacturing to bioengineering. The fastest growing deep learning framework offers everything that functions as well as scales quickly.

Google offers TensorFlow for free. It can be easily connected to company’s server and provide data storage or computing power. All in all, if an organization is utilizing the power of TensorFlow, it means that it can push its products to Google cloud easily and without any hassle.

Products like Tensorflow are not just there to make money but have various other subtle benefits. They attract talent to Google and help optimize in-house software for machine learning.

Github Link: https://github.com/tensorflow/tensorflow

Image Source: Youtube.