AI to use simple camera to determine our motivation

Aug. 20, 2017, 8:26 a.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


Silver Logic Labs is an AI start-up which figures out what people want. They’ve simply found a better way to do focus-groups. It might sound easy at first but it’s not. If you carefully analyze all the development in the field of AI you will find out that the majority of AI in the world is being taught to do boring stuff. All the AI does is to analyze data, scrape the websites. They do all kinds of work which takes a lot of effort for a human to do. The simple reason behind this is to reduce the manual labor.

CEO Jerimiah Hamon and his team have created an algorithm which analyses the tiniest of human movements just by using a simple camera and determines what that person is actually feeling. It might sound a bit confusing at first. For example, suppose a food company wants to launch a new product in the market. For that, they have called a bunch of people for tasting so that the company could know whether the product can be launched or not. Now, people would taste the food and give their opinion on the bias of their taste which will help the company make future strategies about the product. But, how will the company know which ones are telling the truth? People might not want to be honest about the product which can affect your strategies.

The company is trying to solve one of the oldest problems in the world: people lie. The company gathers a lot of data about people’s reaction when they watch different things. Then, they this data to compare every second to every other second in a way a person watching can’t. According to the company, the lowest accuracy rate that they got was 89% which is outstanding. They’ve adapted the technology to work with almost any laptop camera. This technology can be used for survey purposes such as observing someone watching a video clip at home.

SLL does more than providing analytics for TV shows and movies. The company also wants to use this technology in the medical field like to identify neural-deficits. The company also wants to use this one in law enforcement as they believe that it can save many innocent lives.

AI can help us better understand each other in a practical sense and might also save lives.

Image Source: TheNextWeb