IFA 2017- Official Partner of the Future all set to showcase upcoming technologies

Aug. 20, 2017, 8:38 a.m. By: Vishakha Jha

IFA 2017

IFA is all set for its show in Berlin. It is Europe's largest annual technology trade show. IFA engages the presence of visitors each year from over 100 countries. It is scheduled to take place between 1- 6 September 2017. It is the chief summit for buyers, experts and key retailers from a different part of the industry and the media. The event marks the presence of over hundreds of tech companies and remains the locus for a great number of products launches. IFA 2017 is expected to be an alpha for providing an explicit and larger stage for innovation. With the fresh platform and IFA NEXT brand, Hall 26 will be converted into an exceptional hub for innovation. It aspires to emphasise on innovation, providing visitors and the media along with the upcoming drifts of technology and topics together. There are over 100 exhibitors being the leading trade show for customer electronics and home appliances.

IFA NEXT Innovation Engine is coming up with an extensive exhibition, panel discussion and lectures. It brings the issue of what future holds for us or are we at the final frontier of technology and innovation. It discusses the most important of our technologies- Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence which is to be held responsible for the pace of inventions and exploration that we are heading towards.

IFA Keynotes holds the personal apprehension of world-leading CEOs. Eminent decision-makers from across the globe belonging to various fields of consumer electronics, home appliances and related industries put their own views and visions. It aims to cover present and future enhancement of all IFA segments which include lifestyle, telecommunication, infrastructure, TV and entertainment.

IFA+ Summit is expected to focus on four primary areas of digitalization- Intelligence, Interaction, Society and Experience. Proficient thinkers and creators will present their visions on relevant future topics:

Cluster 1 which will focus on ‘The Next Level of Intelligence' that includes Mobility and connectivity in the digital age. It also expected to discuss business opportunities and innovative mobile solutions for an interconnected world.

Cluster 2 will focus on ‘The Next Level of Interaction' which comprises of Artificial Intelligence, learning devices, self-driving cars.

Cluster 3 includes the discussion of ‘The Next Level of Society'

Cluster 4 is supposed to focus on ‘The Next Level of Experiences' which includes topics related to Online learning, social networks, virtual working, digital cities, telemedicine.

The Summit includes exciting workshops and podium discussions which highlights the crucial aspects. Lively panel discussions which would explore the megatrends IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Open Data. Four podium discussions are expected on the key topics of IFA+ Summit. IoT – the Internet of Everything, Who needs Humans in the Time of AI, VR – Real Life vs. Fantasy and Data wide open- connection with Open Data.

IFA includes over hundreds of exhibitors amongst which are Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei, HTC, Lenovo and many other prominent technology providers. The event is expected to gain as much appreciation and glory as IFA 2016.The tickets are available and could be purchased online. The event is going to provide with an insight into emerging trends and the premieres of new technologies and products.

Image Source: Fonpit