Amazon brings Alexa’s mood-matching music suggestions to the UK

Aug. 24, 2017, 4:12 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Amazon Alexa’s

It’s good news for all the Amazon Alexa’s owners in the UK as the company has decided to Alexa’s mood-matching music suggestions.Amazon immediately made the music app services like Spotify and Apple Music as the default music service on the smart speaker (Alexa). It allowed the users to instantly queue music using their voice once they had signed up. Amazon is keen to differentiate its service from its more popular rivals and is banking on Alexa’s activity for the same.

So, what are these Alexa’s activity? Activities are basically Amazon-built voice controls which make it easier to find music for a specific event. Many users often ask Alexa to play any music that matches the theme of a party or a workout and Amazon has just provided a way to do that. According to Amazon, Alexa supports more than 500 utterances. Most of them are related to sleep or relaxation, partying, meditation and working out. But, Amazon has promised to add more over time, giving its Music Unlimited platform a slight edge over the competition.

Amazon wants to make Alexa’s as a central device for all kinds of day to day activity and playing music according to user’s mood or environment setting is one big part of that.