Epson receives RAVe Awards for AR Smart glasses

Aug. 26, 2017, 4:38 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Epson AR Smart glasses

Epson, Japanese tech company, known for its range of printers, scanner, and projectors, also produces a range of smart glasses using augmented reality (AR) technology. Epson’s Moverio line of smart glasses has been used for business applications such as piloting drones. Epson was awarded for its Moverio line of smart glass at InfoComm 2017 awards.

The rAVe Best of InfoComm Awards are given to the best product which has been showcased at InfoComm. What makes this award unique is that a manufacturer cannot pay to enter them, they cannot nominate themselves. Gary Kayye founder of rAVe Publications said that they literally go to every single booth at InfoComm and collectively pick the best of the best that they see.

Moverio BT-350 AR smart Glasses from Epson is known for its capability as offering remote technical assistance, as well as training applications in various fields like logistics, medical etc. Another device from Epson, Moverio BT-300 FPV Drone Edition smart glasses, is known for being ‘Best in class’ for FPV drone pilots along with its remote image capture and broadcasting.

Richard Miller, director of projector product management, Epson America said, We are honoured to be recognized by rAVe for our products shown at InfoComm 2017. Epson is committed to drive the future of display technology with our core devices.