Dell unveils Mixed reality headset called ‘Visor’

Sept. 3, 2017, 8:53 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Dell Visor

Dell has announced that the upcoming Windows 10 mixed reality headset will be known as ‘Visor’. The product is expected to be launched later this year with a price tag of $349.99. The controller for the same is expected to cost around $99.99. But, the company has confirmed that the retail bundle with cost $449.99.

Dell Visor uses the same technology as used in Microsoft Hololens including inside-out tracking cameras and a 360-degree panoramic view. The headset will be able to scan surroundings instead of satellite emitters positioned inside the room. Dell’s HMD also features flip-up visor for convenient transitions between the real world and VR along with cushioned head and face padding and a smart weight balancing to take pressure off the nose and cheeks.

Dell Visor controller offers 6 degrees of freedom of movement in a three-dimensional space. Users can use the controller to control with force feedback, thumb stick and buttons fully which will be tracked by sensors in the headset.

Dell Visor will be available later this year and users buy it from Microsoft or Buy Back stores.