Lenovo’s augmented reality headset comes with lightsaber

Sept. 3, 2017, 9:09 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Lenovo’s headset

Lenovo had joined hands with Disney to make AR headsets which will be Star Wars theme based. At the IFA conference both the companies unveiled Stars Wars: Jedi Challenge which is comprised of an Android or iOS powered Lenovo AR headset (known an Mirage), tracking beacon which can be placed on the floor and a lightsaber controller. The lightsaber is a foot long and is powered by a battery.

Users can use the lightsaber as the weapon for Star Wars games. It will be like invading the real physical surrounding while wearing the VR headset. You will have to download the app and then slide the smartphone in the headset. The headset has a pair of built-in fisheye sensors and pairs with the Lightsaber controller (modeled after Anakin and Luke Skywalker). The ultimate use of lightsaber to provide haptic feedback when you strike your digital opponent. You’ll be able to engage in epic living room battles.

Kyle Laughlin, senior vice president at Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media said,” AR has the potential to usher us in a new era of storytelling and will help us in enhancing the user experience.”

The AR headset along with the other items will be available for sale from November (in the US). The total package is expected to cost around $199.99. AR will become bigger and bigger after the release of ARKit from and Apple and Google replying back with ARCore.