Cruden creates motorcycle simulator with Virtual Reality

May 22, 2017, 8:12 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


Cruden is one of the famous professional grade motorcycle simulator manufacturers. They built their first simulator back in 2005. Since then have been working on enhancing the user experience with the latest technology and it seems like they have found a way to do that.

They have used the VR technology along with the engineering tools to make this wonderful simulator.

Vehicle simulator has been used around the world for quite some time now. The main use of these simulators is to while checking the accuracy and awareness of new drivers.

Engineers at Cruden told that driving a motorcycle is far more challenging than driving a car. It requires the driver to change the center of gravity. So, replicating this with any standard simulator was not an easy job. So, they have used VR technology for this purpose.

Cruden has used a VR head-mounted display(HMD) to a large field of vision to the driver and to enhance the user experience. This would make the driving look more real to the drivers.

Cruden has used the recorded audio 3-D audio of Yamaha R6 and Ducati 846 Evo to make the driving feel more real to the drivers.

Image Source: VRFocus