Augments Reality on the iPhone X can change the AR world

Sept. 16, 2017, 4:20 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

AR iPhone X

Everyone was excited about Apple unveiling their new smartphone. Initially, people were surprised as Apple unveiled iPhone 8. But, finally, Apple did what it does the best- surprising people. They release iPhone8 which has some of the best features. The devices use Face ID as the unique identification of the device owners. Their new iPhones will be powered by a new A11 Bionic chip which can truly take the device performance to the next level. There were many cool features but the one that caught the attention of most people was the inbuilt support for the Augmented Reality. This is what most of the iPhone users were waiting for.

Apple announced ARKit at WWDC which surprised many people. Since then Apple showed that they are serious about the new technology and believe that it holds the key for future smartphones. This announcement came just when people were thinking about AI and machine learning is the next big thing.

Phil Schiller (Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing) announced that all new iPhones would be calibrated for augmented reality. This is done to unveil the new AR world to common users. The cameras on iPhone 8 and iPhone X will be able to accommodate low light and 60 frames per second video which will increase the possibility of AR use. Apple has also updated gyroscopes and accelerometers inside the new phones to improve motion tracking which is an essential part of any AR game.

According to Phil Schiller, this new functionality has a lot of possibilities for gaming, particularly with games which blend real life with virtual life. Augmented reality uses real-life images or video and overlays that with computer-generated graphics. It feels like you are actually in that video rather than watching it.

AR got its popularity due to Pokémon Go which showed the world what AR can do. By optimizing cameras and internal technology for integration with augmented reality programs, Apple is putting their money on augmented reality is the next big thing. Using AR on iPhone X and iPhone 8 is very easy. Just install any AR application and then you are ready to go. Users can also use graphics overlay to have the program interface with the IRL world.

Developers have also released many AR apps for the new iPhone users. One of the apps is MeasureKit which you can use to measure distance using the camera. Another one id Neon which you can use to find your friend in a crowded space.

Apple is making it user-friendly to use augmented reality. Get ready to experience something new which might give you Goosebumps.

Image Source: Business Insider