Audi unveils AI which can help users tackling autonomous driving

Sept. 16, 2017, 4:34 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Audi AI

Audi unveiled the new AI feature for autonomous driving at its Audi Tech Summit. There are many companies that are actually racing to develop the autonomous vehicle. With the companies like Google leading the way, Audi wants to make sure that it remains up to the competition. Audi also announced Audi AI Traffic Jam Pilot which will help the users to let the car take over when traffic slows down to a crawl. The driving is divided into 5 levels with 5 being the complete autonomous and 1 being completely manual.

All of this new feature will be implemented in upcoming Audi A8 series. According to Audi, this new AI is different from the tradition AI which just included machine learning. They have also said that Audi has the first passenger car that is ready for Level 3 driving. As a driver, you are no longer to monitor the driving task in a traffic jam up to 60 kilometers per hour. You can just sit back and relax while the car will take care of the rest of the thing. The car has a central computing unit for drivers' assistant systems that gathers all the sensor data in one unit.

Audi has integrated Audi Lane Assist which was responsible for lateral control into the new AI. The company wants to see how level 3 works in the real-life situations before moving to level 4. Level 4 would include few cool features like self-parking.

Audi has used the object detection algorithms and has trained the system with pictures and video streams gathered from different parts of the world. Another interesting this is the algorithm for the maneuvering itself. The company has no trained algorithms in the car right now because they describe them in the physical algorithm which comes from engineers. According to Audi, there is no self-learning car that drives on AI data.

All new Audi A8 with AI feature will be launched later this year. So, get ready to relax in the traffic jam as these cars will handle that for you.

Image Source: Alphr