Phonecast to allow users play 2D apps in VR using GearVR

Sept. 18, 2017, 5:52 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


People always complain that they do not have enough VR content. But, soon this complaint can go away as Phonecast has devised a new way by which you can play your 2D Android app in Virtual Reality using the new version of Samsung’s PhoneCast app. You just need a Gear VR and you are ready to enjoy your 2D apps in VR.

The apps use your mobile phone to give you a VR experience. You can run games and other apps in VR, including live streaming apps that let you stream videos to the giant virtual screen in VR. The app creates a 2D window within your VR environment which can be used to run Android apps. Users can use the applications that have been approved or whitelisted, for the app, and they’ll see them in the VR menu while wearing the Gear VR headset.

In the first version of PhoneCast, the only approved apps are video streaming services. But in the new version will allow you to run other apps also. PhoneCast comes with the few default apps like Hulu, YouTube, VLC, MX Player, Musically, Kodi, Tubi TV, DirecTV LLC.

Samsung might have found out a way to increase the popularity or their VR headset. Still, there are many limitations. One being that it is only available for Android devices and other being that more and more companies are encouraging the VR content creators to deliver more content. But, let’s see how this new approach to encourage more customers shapes out.

Image Source: VentureBeat